Agile Mentoring

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Who is Dionatan Moura?

  • Agile Methods Specialist since 2013;
  • Book Author on Agile and Personal Productivity;
  • Mentoring dozens of Agile Teams, Agilists, Agile Leadership e Product Owners around the world;
  • Working on Product Development since 2006;
  • Agile consultant in large companies like ABInbev, Natura, Workday, TVGlobo, Santander, GetNet, Renner;
  • MSc in Computer Science at UFRGS;
  • 21+ Certifications in Agile and Technology;
  • Speaker and coordinator of trainings, talks, meetups, conferences in Brazil, Europe e USA.

Evolve your professional carrer on agile with mentoring sessions with a mentor really experienced in the market.

No group mentorship! All sessions are individual and confidential.

Mentoring is not Coaching! I am going to advise, teach and give many tips on hard and soft skills in agility. From beginners to advanced levels.

Career Mentoring

Would you like to change or evolve your profession? Would you like to become a great Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner or Agile Leader?

I am going to help you with so many new behaviours, tools, practices, metodologies and assessments.

Agile Mentoring

Do you already work on agile and want to do a awesome job? Showing a good work, being recognized by your manager, pairs and teams?

Hard Skills: Scrum, Product Ownership, Kanban, eXtreme Programming, DevOps, Planning Poker, SAFe, Scaling Agile, Spotify Model, and much more.

Soft Skills: Team Building, Nonviolent Communication, Management 3.0, Agile Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Change Management, Facilitation, Coaching e Mentoring.

Be mentored by who have already learnt with great world references!

Dionatan Moura has already been trained by great world mentors! David Anderson – Kanban Method creator, Dan North – BDD Behaviour-Driven Development creator, Diana Larsen – author of the Agile Retrospectives book, James Greening – Planning Poker creator, Jurgen Appelo – Management 3.0 creator, Rachel Davies – User Story template creator and author of the Agile Coaching book, Woody Zuill – Mob Programming e #NoEstimates founder.

Let’s lift your career?

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