WSJF Weighted Shortest Job First Formula

I’ve been using this spreadsheet to ease the WSJF calculation, facilitating collaborative workshops with that.

Weighted Shortest Job First WSJF Formula Spreadsheet

Download the Excel spreadsheet here, or copy the Google Sheet here.


RICE: Prioritizing Roadmap/Backlog by (Reach + Impact + Confidence) / Effort

Reach: how many people will this impact? (Estimate within a defined time period.)

Impact: how much will this impact each person? (Massive = 3x, High = 2x, Medium = 1x, Low = 0.5x, Minimal = 0.25x.)

Confidence: how confident are you in your estimates? (High = 100%, Medium = 80%, Low = 50%.)

Effort: how many “person-months” will this take? (Use whole numbers and minimum of half a month – don’t get into the weeds of estimation.)