Positive Psychology for Agile Coaching Book

10 Neuro-Linguistic Programming presuppositions applied for Agile Coaching

Positive Psychology for Agile Coaching –  book cover

Agile is about individuals and interactions. Coaching agile teams is much more about the human side of agile software development than tools and technologies. For agile coaching, a very important skill is to understand how the human behaviour works, having a positive vision of each person, each team and the culture of the organisation. Positive Psychology is a science of optimum human functioning. Neuro-Linguistic Programming brings a mindset and a structure to enable Positive Psychology.

Since I started working with agile coaching in 2013, I realised the importance to learn coaching. I attended a training of life and business coaching, where I realised the importance of NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, to coach people. So I did the NLP Practitioner training as well. Since this course, I am connecting the ideas of coaching and NLP with agile coaching. I will share few ideas here on the 10 main NLP presuppositions for agile coaching, which are related to Positive Psychology.

The presuppositions are beliefs and assumptions that build the core of NLP. NLP presuppositions can help the agile coach or who else is doing agile coaching to have a better and positive perspective on individuals and teams. Following these 10 presuppositions, the agile coach can have more chances to succeed in the agile transformation in an organization.

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