Simple Backlog Prioritization Formula

Simple Backlog Prioritization Formula

I’ve created few years ago to prioritize product backlog, from epic level to user stories. It can be used on Backlog Refinement, Backlog Prioritization, Product Inception or even Design Thinking workshops.

Simple Backlog Prioritization Formula Spreadsheet

Download the Excel file here, or copy the Google Sheet from here.


RICE: Prioritizing Roadmap/Backlog by (Reach + Impact + Confidence) / Effort

Reach: how many people will this impact? (Estimate within a defined time period.)

Impact: how much will this impact each person? (Massive = 3x, High = 2x, Medium = 1x, Low = 0.5x, Minimal = 0.25x.)

Confidence: how confident are you in your estimates? (High = 100%, Medium = 80%, Low = 50%.)

Effort: how many “person-months” will this take? (Use whole numbers and minimum of half a month – don’t get into the weeds of estimation.)